Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Sustainable Efforts Save Customers Money in Many Ways

In addition to helping many clients save money with water savings, we have also helped some save other utility expenses. Last month, we wrote about how we helped Waterhouse HOA evaluate their system, changed their pump control to a variable speed drive controls and saved them $4,700/year with a 2 year ROI on the control change out.

This month, we are proud to share that we have helped another client, Dawson Creek Corporate Park with the same pump control technology. Dawson Creek Corporate Park irrigates off water from the on-site lakes. Well pumps keep the ponds full and irrigation pumps pull water from the lakes to feed the irrigation system. Their new system, after $8,766 Energy Trust rebate, cost $12,707. The annual energy savings will be $2,525, giving the project a 5 year ROI. In addition to the savings, the reliability of the pumping system will be much better. 

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