Friday, August 31, 2012

Entering Fall Means Lower Irrigation Need

July and early August were warm and dry as normal and our irrigation need was high. However, in late August we normally cool down and the irrigaiton need drops significantly. This year was no different and that has been the case since August 17th. Even with our current above normal temperatures, irrigation need is lower than in mid summer.  Late summer is one of the most important times to adjust irrigation as the same peak summer program from earlier in the month is unneccessary and wasteful.

This is as much due to the day length as it is the temperatures. Although temperatures can get as high late in August, there is almost two hours less daylight than mid July and it cools down quicker at night. Fall is near and it is important to monitor irrigation need to avoid wasting water.

We monitor the actual irrigation need and the weather forecast througout the summer to ensure the most appropriate irrigation. Despite the warm weather at the end of August, we have already begun to decrease our irrigation as fall is fast approaching. Time will tell what this fall brings but regardless, we will monitor and adjust the irrigation accordingly.

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